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Learning Begins With Us

We at NATA International Education and  Consultancy think that education is a lifetime endeavor that starts with each of us. To assist our students reach their academic and professional objectives, we strive to give them the greatest instruction and support.

One of the ways we do this is by offering Korean and Japanese language classes. Our experienced teachers provide high-quality instruction that helps students learn the language quickly and effectively. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, we have a course that’s right for you.

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Curriculum Overview

NATA EDUCATION  aims at offering all our students a broad and balanced curriculum that provides rewarding and stimulating activities to prepare them for the best social and cultural life.


Study in the UK

"Numerous research facilities and boundless opportunities for career exploration await you in the UK, allowing you to unlock your full potential and achieve your professional aspirations."

Study in Australia

"Expand your career opportunities by studying in Australia's globally top-ranked universities, and broaden your horizons with world-class education and experiences."


Study in Japan

"Embark on an enriching educational journey in Japan, with its world-renowned universities and cutting-edge research facilities providing a multitude of opportunities for career advancement and personal growth."


Study in Korea

"Discover endless possibilities for academic and personal growth by studying in Korea, with its top-ranked universities, state-of-the-art research facilities, and dynamic cultural landscape providing a unique and rewarding educational experience."


Study in New Zealand

"Experience the beauty of New Zealand's stunning landscapes and the excellence of its education system by studying in this paradise on earth, with its world-class universities, welcoming communities, and exceptional research opportunities providing a truly enriching and unforgettable academic experience."


Study in USA

Studying in the USA provides students with access to world-class universities and research facilities, diverse communities, and breathtaking natural landscapes, offering a unique and enriching academic experience that enhances future prospects.

"Kick off by outlining your targets"

“NATA EDUCATION provides top-notch education advisory services in Nepal”

Visa consultation

"Our team of expert visa consultants offers professional and personalized assistance, tailored to your specific goals and requirements, ensuring a smooth and successful visa application process."

Admissions advice

"Starting from the initial stages of the college or university admission process, our team will provide comprehensive guidance and support until you gain admission to an institution that is best suited to your needs and preferences."

Travel and stay

"Looking for exceptional accommodations while pursuing your education abroad? Our services have got you covered, providing access to the finest and most suitable living arrangements for your needs."

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